Sunday, July 2, 2017 6:28:33 PM

This tab gives you options to fine-tune behaviour of Priority engine.

Under normal circumstances there is no need to play with these settings - Priorities should work fine with default setup.


Priorities enabled/disabled: Enables/disables all existing priority rules.

Reaction speed: Specifies how fast will NetLimiter act when application with higher priority will start to transmit/receive data. Allocating bandwidth for app with higher priority means restricting those apps with lower priorities. This options simply specifies how fast will be these apps restricted. We recommend to leave it to Normal or even Low, but if every single millisecond counts, then try Fast.

Use adaptive bandwidth allocation: If checked bandwidth for given priority level will be reserved only if it has any traffic. We recommend to let it checked. Uncheck it only if you have extremely sensitive application to bandwidth instability. (Some online multiplayer games could run more smoothly with this unchecked)

Critical/High/Normal bandwidth reservation sliders: You can choose how much bandwidth of you machine's total bandwidth will be reserved for given priority level. If Use adaptive bandwidth allocation is not checked then the bandidth will be reserved even if the ther is no traffic on given priority level.