Activity view

It is the most important window. It displays current network activity and allows you to quickly and easily create limits or firewall rules. All connections are sorted by processes, applications and computers in whose context they were created. Main functions are:

  • By clicking with left mouse button on any column's header you can set how nodes (connections, apps, etc.) will be sorted. If you for example select to sort by UL Rate, then all computers will be sorted, by their upload speed/rate, all applications which come under the computers are sorted the same way and processes and connection inside them are sorted using this method.
  • By clicking with right mouse button on any column's header you will open Tools->Options...->Client->Activity menu, where you can customize behavior of Activity view.
  • By clicking with right mouse button on any node, you will open simple context menu with several interesting functions.
  • In top right corner you can find three small buttons. First one will Reset all Total transferred data counters in Activity view. Second manually Refreshes the Activity view (handy if you have disabled Auto-Refresh in Options). Third one will quickly open Options->Client->Activity menu.