Purchase and Registration

Thursday, February 4, 2016 9:21:42 PM

If you are using old NetLimiter version 4


To purchase NetLimiter license, you have to visit our secure online shop and select a product you would like to buy. After successful payment you will receive an email with your registration key/code.



Subscription model

NetLimiter license is based on a time-limited subscription model.


User can choose between one or two year long subscription period.

Renewal method

There two renewal methods available:

  • Manual: The license has to be manually renewed after the subscription period expires. Until then, NetLimiter will work in the restricted mode.
  • Automatic: The subscription will be automatically renewed (using same payment method) on the day of the expiration.

Users can change this option anytime (after the purchase) using the upgrade tool.

NetLimiter 4 license (code) in NetLimiter 5

All NetLimiter 4 licenses can be used in NetLimiter 5 for two years from the purchase date. For example: If your NetLimiter 4 license was purchased exactly 6 months ago, you can use your ver 4 code to unlock ver 5 and use it for 18 months. After this period expires, you can revert back to using NetLimiter 4 version or renew/purchase version 5 subscription period.

License type

There two types of licenses:

  • Standard: A single standard license can be registered only on one machine at the time (including virtual machines), but can be freely moved to other machines.
  • Unlimited: This license allows customers to install NetLimiter on unlimited number of machines which are in their possesion. This license is not availaible in our shop, please, contact us to get a custom price.

Registering your copy

There is no full version installer to download. To unlock a full and registered version of NetLimiter you have to enter your registration data into the installed trial version.

In main application's menu select HELP->About and registration, click on Enter code and enter your code, which you received in registration email.

The validity of registration code is checked online - users need a working internet connection in order to succesfully register their copy. NOTE: No personal user information is sent out during this process.


Register NetLimiter automatically

To register your copy automatically, you have to run following PowerShell commands.

  • Reference the NetLimiter API library (located in your installation folder):

Add-Type -Path "C:\Program Files\Locktime Software\NetLimiter\NetLimiter.dll"

  • Instantiate the NetLimiter service object:

$svc = New-Object "NetLimiter.Service.NLClient"

  • Connect to NetLimiter service on local machine:


  • Enter your registration data:


PowerShell script file

You can also download this PS file with all the commands above.

To execute it successfully you need to...

  • Open the PS1 file (from a zip archive) and enter your registration key into command $svc.SetRegistrationCodeAsync("yourKey").GetAwaiter().GetResult();. Save it.
  • Open PowerShell console with Administrator privilages.
  • Execute the script file with command PS C:\CurrentFolder> & "C:\LocationOfPSFile\reg-nl-ver5.ps1"