Wednesday, April 8, 2015 8:51:08 AM

There is only one installation file for all program versions and operating systems. The installation file is a self executable file (aka bootstrapper) which wraps around Windows Installer (MSI). You can download the latest installation package from NetLimiter download page. Run the installer and the following window will appear.


You can review the end-user license agreement. If you agree to the License terms you can press the INSTALL button to continue with the installation. NetLimiter will be installed and running on your computer.

Although the installer GUI is very simple and self-explanatory and will fit most user's needs, there are many customizable options how to run the installation. All of them are accessible from the installer command line.

Online connection during installation

If all prerequisites are installed prior the installation begins, NetLimiter does not require your computer to be connected to the internet during the installation process.