Thursday, November 10, 2022 10:46:30 PM


Select which traffic data should be saved to the Stats database. The default selection is Internet traffic as it is the data people pay for. You can also select Local network traffic data or Loopback/Localhost traffic data (that occurs only locally on a single PC - for example between two components of some app).

Database location

Choose/change the location of Stats database file. It is recommended to select a fast local disk drive (SSD disk) as it hugely influences performace of Stats module.

If you check Move DB files check whole database will be moved to a new location. If not checked, the old database will stay on the disk and new one will be created in the new location.

Update Time

Specifies the frequency in which will be traffic data saved to the database. Default (and recommended) value is 180 seconds (~3 minutes). The lower this value is, the more detailed stored data are, but the database file is bigger.