Stats UI (version 4)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 8:51:08 AM

This tool allows you to view long-term traffic statistics. It can be launched from Activity view's context menu using command Traffic stats or from Windows->Open Window->Traffic statistics menu command.



The chart area is divided into 3 parts. Upper half is occupied by Time chart and in lower part you can find two Stream charts.

Time chart

It simply displays transferred data in time. It shows both Upload and Download in one chart. You can specify custom time using Time selection box or change the type of chart using Time type drop-box.

Stream charts

These charts allow different views on the data as they show data grouped by Applications, Users and Countries. They show data transferred for same selected time period as Time chart.

Customizing the view

There are 3 drop-boxes which allow you to customize the charts:

  • Group by: Works with 2 lower stream charts. Allows you to select from three different groups: Applications, Users and Countries. To make it clear: Countries displays how much data were uploaded/downloaded to or from those countries. If a country can not be detected the data are added to generic REST row.

  • Time: Applied to the Time chart. You can choose from 2 options: Normal All time and 24 hour histogram which shows distribution of transferred data per one day.

  • Data type: Payload displays only actual data transferred. Overhead displays only internet protocol related data (like IP or TCP headers, etc.).


Located at top left corner. You can choose from 2 pre-selected basic filters Internet Zone (internet traffic) and Local network Zone (local network traffic) or you can specify you own filter by selecting the Custom filter.

NOTE 1: It may not seem obvious, but these Filters does not have anything to do with the Filters. They just allow you to filter out displayed data.

NOTE 2: If you change this selection you need to press Get chart button in order to get updated data.

Time selection

Located in top middle part of the window. There are lots options for quick selection, but if you need anything special, just select Custom time to specify own time period.

NOTE: If you change this selection you need to press Get chart button in order to get updated data.