Saturday, August 26, 2017 10:44:46 AM

Here you can find settings for the Activity tab.


Auto refresh

Check Auto Refresh enabled if you want current transfer rates in Activity to be refreshed automatically. If not checked you will have to refresh the rates manually using a button in top right corner of the Activity tab.


Columns to show

Here you can select which columns will be displayed on Activity tab.

Name - Decide how will be applications displayed. File name shows their file name (app.exe). File path shows their full path and file name (c:\appdir\app.exe). File description displays a description hidden in their executable file (The App).

DL Rate, UL Rate, DL Total, UL Total, DL Limit, UL Limit - for these you can select in which units they will be displayed. You can select from any specific static value like MB/s, B/s or choose Default units which are set in Top bar of Main window. By selecting Automatic units you let NetLimiter dynamically pick the units - this is default and recommended option. Rule status - A column with a Quick rule setter tool.

In/Out highlighters

Use to select how are Incoming and Outgoing values colored/highlighted.