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Friday, November 25, 2022 11:44:28 AM
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Hello all,

This is the first final release of NetLimiter version 5. Many thanks for your support, suggestions and bug reports, that you sent us after the release of version 5.1.2. Version 5 brings, among other features, support for domain-based rules and new blazing fast traffic Stats system.

As you can see, we also released a new website with a new shop and most importantly, with a new subscription based licensing model. More about the licenses, registration and what changes for current version 4 users can be found in this article.

Last few months we mainly concentrated on this new website, new shop and all it entails. Thanks for your support and patience.

From now on, we plan to focus more on new features like control of thru-going traffic (which will be released soon) and other improvements. We also plan to do more frequent updates, to get any fix and new feature to users as fast as possible.


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