Pro/Lite difference and future plans

Saturday, August 8, 2015 3:02:57 PM

Future plans

Here is a brief list of what we plan to improve or add to NetLimiter 4 in near future:

  • Transfer Quotas are on top of the list. More detailed info is here.
  • GUI improvements are very important to us. Currently, we would like to add much better interface to Priorities and cultivate Activity view in general (node filtering and search). We also would like to improve Firewall/Blocker (particularly usability of firewall request window).
  • Add option to export Stats to CVS files.
  • If you have any idea or you are missing something in NetLimiter 4 just let us know...

NetLimiter 4 Pro vs. Lite licenses

Some users pointed out that we offer NetLimiter 4 Pro and Lite licenses in our shop but there is no list of features of these two products. So what are the differences? The truth is, that we don't know, yet.

We offer NetLimiter 4 Lite mainly for those users who would like to upgrade from NetLimiter 3 Lite. We still haven't decided which features will be included in NetLimiter 4 Lite, but we can promise that you will find there not less than in NetLimiter 3 Lite.

If you purchase NetLimiter 4 Lite now, you will be allowed to use the full-featured version (the Pro) until we release the Lite.