Testing version (with many new features) is OUT!

Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:01:02 PM

Hello all,

After several months of development and relative silence we are proud to present you a new NetLimiter update with many significant improvements and features. It is marked as Testing (or BETA), its main purpose is to test the new features in the public. If you are interested in trying out these new features, we'll be very thankful for that, especially if you'd send us brief message with your opinions, questions and ideas to

Download the installer of testing/BETA version.

Many thanks to all who supported the NetLimiter project throughout the years and allowed it to progress to this latest version.

The list of latest improvements

Domain-based filters

You can create domain-based (textual names of internet addresses - like "") filter. You can control (block, limit) traffic going to/coming from internet based on full or partial domain names.

Stats database

New database system. Much faster, more robust and reliable. Supports domain names for IP addresses.

Stats UI

With faster database system more useful data are displayed. Tools to investigate every data transfer anomaly are present. With a few clicks you can

Traffic chart

New traffic chart... more efficient and reliable.

Thru-going traffic filtering (not included in this release)

Now you can control internet traffic going through your machine (when using ICS or similar methods).

VirusTotal support

If you have VT account (even free one), you can inspect any file connecting (as displayed on NetLimiter's Activity) to internet for possible malicious intentions.

Priorities (in development)

More accurate priorities based on total internet connection speed.

New website (not up yet, but ready)

New design and functionality.

Many internal changes

Lots of much less visible, but still important improvements and fixes.