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Monday, March 27, 2017 3:58:23 PM
Testing version

Hello users,

After several quiet months we are bringing new version with really big updates. Most important one is new version of Priorities. The new powerful version will allow you to share your total network bandwidth realiably among applications (or filters). You just choose which app has Low, High or Critical priority and that's it. No numbers needed and NetLimiter will do all the work.

Here's a self-explaining example how new Priorities work:


Next big update is a support for multiple languages. Version 4.0.26 has only English and Czech translations, but within few weeks we will open online portal, where uses will be allowed to translate NetLimiter to their native languages.

Due to huge changes in our limiting to make the Priorities work as smoothly as they do, we marked this release as Testing or Beta (not recommended when 100% reliability is needed). From this improvement also benefit the Limits, because limiting of applications with lots of connections is now much smoother and controlable.

In near future we plan to improve our website and make it more "social". We also want to make more frequent releases with more bugfixes and updates. Thanks for your patience and support.

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