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Sunday, January 31, 2016 10:45:11 AM
Testing version

Main feature of this release are long-awaited Quotas. Please, check out a legit info on Quotas HERE. Because of many changes (and some of them are quite serious) we decided to mark the release as TESTING. It works well in our testing environments, but due to so many changes we recommend it to users who like to try new things and don't hesitate to leave their feedback... or to those users who desperately need Quotas. Brand-new Quotas have basic, but still usable user interface, but we definitely plan lots of improvements for it (which are high on our TODO list).

NOTE: Per-Type attribute moved from Rule to Filter

In previous versions of NetLimiter 4, it was possible to apply rule on per connection or per process basis using the rule's Per-Type attribute accessible from Rule Editor. Now the attribute is moved to Filter and it could be set using Filter Editor. There is also new Per-Application type. For example, if the filter is configured as Per-Connection, all rules under the filter are applied to each connection separately.

Bug fixes

New features