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Wednesday, March 4, 2015 1:57:42 PM
Testing version

Hello NetLimiter user,

Version 4.0.10 brings several new things among which are Priorities, redesigned Blocker request dialog and Rule Scheduler the most important.
The traffic priorities were on our TODO list for a long time and we finally made it come true. There is no direct GUI interface for Priorities in current version – you have to manually create a Priority rule using the Rule editor. It is still in an experimental mode, but a purpose of Priorities is clear - to give a selected (prioritized) applications (generally Filters) an advantage in bandwidth allocation. In simple words it suppresses more aggressive and less prioritized applications in favor of those with higher priorities. More details on this will be disclosed in our online manual which will go public in next few weeks (yes, we promised the same last release, but due to severe problems with our website we had to postpone it. Sorry for that.)
The new Blocker/Firewall request window allows you to create temporary rule (for example: allow traffic on given application for 30 minutes and then ask again). You can also instruct NetLimiter to remember the allow or deny action 'for a while' only.
Version 4.0.10 is still marked as “Testing” and released as FREE, but it is probably the last of its kind. Next release should be a FULL release (if everything will go as planned). We must also thank all who supported NetLimiter 4 with their comments, suggestions, bug reports and of course those who have purchased it even in early testing stage of development.

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