NetLimiter 4 release preview

Friday, May 22, 2015 6:32:53 AM

Hello NetLimiter 4 users,

Since last release we made a lots of changes and improvements in our network driver for better efficiency and stability. Because of so many changes we decided to make this "unofficial" preview release (others would call it Alpha). So we recommend this update only to those of you who would like help us with NetLimiter development and are willing to test new things. Also if you had any serious problems with the driver (BSODs) then you could give it a try and check if it helps.

This preview release also addresses severe Service deadlock which prevented Client to connect it. If you had this problem you could give this release a try as well. If everything will go fine we will include these changes to next release.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will help us with testing!

Here you can DOWNLOAD the installation file.


  • Client not connecting to NetLimiter service. It was synchronization problem in NetLimiter service during system startup.
  • System crash (BSOD) when completing ASK rule firewall request.
  • Rule scheduler ignoring time conditions under certain circumstances (multiple conditions in specific order).

New features

  • Highly tuned network driver