Final Release and Quotas

Thursday, July 9, 2015 9:45:04 AM

Hello NetLimiter 4 users,

Here are some important news from the developers.

Final Release

We consider last release as stable (despite few minor bugs) so we decided to release version which will not be marked as Testing - it is going to be first NetLimiter 4 final release. It will be be almost identical as only with some minor fixes and changes. The version should be out in next two weeks.

Testing releases

We still plan to release Testing versions to test new features, but since release there will always be a Final version.


Currently, we are working on magic feature called Quotas. It will allow you to enable or disable Rules based on transferred data. For example you will be able to automatically enable a limit for a webbrowser if it downloaded certain amount of data since the beginning of current month. You will be allowed to assign a Quota (an amount of transferred data, which should be reached) to any Filter and pair it with any Rule. The Quotas should go out within a month.