NetLimiter 4 license is not working in version 5

Friday, December 2, 2022 1:11:31 PM

All NetLimiter 4 licenses can be used in NetLimiter 5 for two years from the purchase date. For example: If your NetLimiter 4 license was purchased exactly 6 months ago, you can use your version 4 code to unlock version 5 and use it for 18 months. After this period expires, you can revert back to using NetLimiter 4 version (and use it until the end of days) or renew/purchase version 5 subscription period.

The life-time usage is only for NetLimiter version 4 (4.1.14 is the latest release). NetLimiter version 5 is based on time-limited subscription model (1 or 2 years).