NetLimiter Testing

Compatible with all Windows systems from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 including x64 editions (Read More).

FREE UPGRADE: As announced on 25.11.2008, all users who will purchase NetLimiter 2 after this date will get upgrade to NetLimiter 3 for FREE!

Download NetLimiter 3 Beta 9
Download NetLimiter 3 Beta 9 x64

27.5.2010, NetLimiter 3 Beta 9

  • Wrong daylight saving time in Stats fixed.
  • Firewall alert window not showing under certain circumstances fixed.
  • Added new languages.
  • Other minor additions and fixes.

26.3.2010, NetLimiter 3 Beta 8

  • Stats plugin added.
  • Improved driver compatibility.
  • Stats database optimization.
  • "Show Leftbar" option fixed.
  • BSOD when receiving special invalid packet fixed.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Option to show ingoing connection as remote address : local port added.
  • Lots of minor bugs fixed.

30.1.2010, NetLimiter 3 Beta 7

  • NetLimiter stealing focus of active window in some cases fixed.
  • Ignore UDP option disabled by default. This option caused speed limit problems.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Upgrades possible directly from the application now. Just enter your old registration data.
  • Handle leak in NetLimiter driver fixed.
  • NetLimiter driver hangup fixed. Causing network unavailable under certain circumstances.
  • Improved service shutdown handling.
  • A lot of other minor improvements.

08.12.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 6

Important release.

Bugs fixed:
  • Two different reproducible BSODs during network interface startup/shutdown fixed.
  • Other possible problem in our network driver fixed.
  • NetLimiter service (nlsvc.exe) crashing while stopping it fixed.
  • NetLimiter client (nlclient.exe) application crashing on system startup fixed.

27.11.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 5

Bugs fixed:
  • NetLimiter service hangup during system startup.
  • Handle leak in NL3 GUI.
  • Possible BSOD during network interface startup/shutdown.
  • Rule scheduler executing rules only once.
  • Possible service hangup due to error in rule scheduler.
  • Firewall window stealing focus of active window.
  • Installer doesn't require installation of Internet Explorer on Windows 7.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.
  • In the next few weeks we are going to release update with new Stats plugin, which is not included in BETA 5.

29.9.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 4

  • All known major bugs fixed.
  • Stats module not yet available. It's still in development and should be released next time.

29.7.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 3

  • All major bugs fixed.
  • Version checker is working now.
  • Beta 3 will expire on 1st October, 2009 (63-day testing period).

9.7.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 2

  • All known critical bugs (BSODs) fixed.

28.6.2009, NetLimiter 3 Beta 1

First public testing version. Read more.